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I've been drumming since 2008, and have recently graduated from Newcastle University with a BA (Hons) degree in Contemporary and Popular Music. Since I moved to the North East (from the North West) in 2015 I've been lucky enough to work with loads of fantastic musicians inside and outside of the city, and have had great fun sharing stages with bands and artists performing genres ranging from jazz to rock, country to funk, and Motown to indie. 

I've been studying jazz throughout my degree with the intention of improving my musicality, vocabulary, and technique so that I can be thrown into any situation and not be terrified, which was helped massively through the variety of projects I have play with whilst juggling being a freelance and session drummer with doing a degree. Below this section you'll see a number of bands that I currently work with, and below that a list of companies, venues, and organisations that I have previously worked with including ITV (Vera S07E04, 2017), Houghton Hall (Royal Charity Event, 2016), and Oxbridge (Trinity and St. Hilda's May Balls, 2018).

I'm currently working hard with a handful of musicians on some original projects, acting as part of a backing band for some singer-songwriters, which has giving me a platform to apply some of the nerdy music stuff I've learnt through my degree to make some songs that have a technical twist. 

My experience of drumming in such a range of styles and genres has allowed me to perform with a countless list of musicians who are all better than me at something or another, so I push myself to learn from them and push them in return.

My aim is to learn, improve, and enjoy every aspect of music I come in contact with.


The Kopycat Killers

...are one of the UK's best and in-demand tribute acts to 'The Killers', playing a set full of the greatest Killers songs at institutions and festivals nationwide.


Ellen & The Funktones

...are a five-piece powerhouse of Pop classics, selecting only the best songs from the last 40 years to ensure that the dance floor will always be full.



...are Newcastle upon Tyne's hottest new original Indie Rock band. Led by frontman and primary songwriter Connor Pattison, Creegan's sound combines powerful lyrics and punchy guitar lines to create a new breed of Indie Rock.


The Alternative - Duo & Trio

...are a rock duo/trio based in the North East, playing the best mix of songs from the 90s/00s with some harks back to earlier decades. All of these songs are guaranteed to send your audience into maximum singing mode.


Tall Shaves

...are an Indie Folk Pop duo made up of singer songwriters Kieran Taylor and Paige Temperley. They are two vocalists who play an eclectic mix of guitar, ukulele, mandolin and various forms of percussion. I join them when they want to add some beef to their band lineup.


Harry's attitude to your project will be spot on: no ego, enthusiastic, organised, punctual, efficient, and great fun - and most of of capable of playing whatever you need him to. Recommended.


©2018 Harry Still

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