I've been lucky enough to have had two fantastic drum teachers who differed in approach, method, and focus. One focused a lot on fundamental drumming techniques and how to deploy them around the drum kit, and the other focused on the musical application of said techniques within a performance setting. I personally believe you can't have one without the other.

I offer flexible 1:1 tuition that balances the two. Every student will set their own goals and the personalised lesson plan I will make for each individual will set out to achieve those goals as quickly and as effectively as possible.

If I were to do just that though, it would be very boring. I wouldn't have continued with my drum lessons if I didn't enjoy them, so I aim to make every lesson fun and enjoyable so the passion for drumming never fades. My aim is to create a positive learning environment so every student can excel at their strengths.

Whether you want to work towards a RockSchool or Trinity Guildhall graded exam, improve on a particular aspect of your drumming, or start playing the drums from scratch, I'll make sure to carve a path that will improve your ability at a speed that suits you.


My available time varies from week to week but generally I am able to teach within these time slots:


Exceptions can be made to work in and around these hours; get in touch for more information.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 10am-7pm

Friday, Saturday: 10am - 4pm

Of course, this is all on (digital) paper; every person is different. Once you book, we'll work together to find the best time slot that suits us both.

You can save 15% if you book lessons in blocks of 5; the same flexibility applies.

If I have to cancel a lesson within 24 hours I promise to do your next lesson for half the price.

If you'd like to book, use the contact box below to send me an email stating what you're after and we can work from there! You can see on the map where I'm based. If you'd prefer to have lessons at your house, please state your address and we can sort something out.


©2018 Harry Still

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